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The crucial bit of data escaped his aware mind, but his subconscious was able to sort through years of research and provide the single thing that he have been searching for. in fact, most memorable success stories could be related to the energy of the subconscious mind. Forget about delinquent funds or over-drawn bank accounts. 73 year old scriptwriter david seidler recently gained an oscar for best unique screenplay for “the king’s speech”, but very few people could know of his battle with cancer. It doesn’t matter how large or ambitious your targets are; the dream planner guide is the formula for success which you can not do without. Picture if equally your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind worked effortlessly together as an organized, synchronized model, granting you a hyper conscious mind and the uncanny ability to consciously access areas of your brain that you haven’t had the oppertunity to all your life. The beatles song “yesterday” is, in line with the guinness book of records, the absolute most covered song ever written. Because by this time tomorrow, you’ll have the power to convert almost any part of your life that you’ve been unhappy with for years. If you prefer to absorb information differently, fret not. It had been his soon-to-be-ex-wife who gave him the concept to “think” the cancer away.

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