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As it pertains to buying traditional designer merchandise at wholesale: you can find a lot more scams than real suppliers suppliers passing off extremely high-quality knockoffs from china as “authentic”. Such a thing ‘designer’ is in demand. It had been at that time, a decade ago now, that i began like a organization efficiently selling this merchandise. You have to be very well connected within this business. I have been swindled by suppliers that have offered me merchandise that i nevertheless was authentic, only to later learn it was fake. It is a massive red-flag if you have to do any digging to find out who they are, where they are situated, getting into contact with them, etc. 99 to $20, most of them on ebay. The people behind these databases know nothing about any of it business. Here’s a tip: if you think you’ve identified your dream wholesale company of authentic designer handbags and they have an unlimited supply of bags—especially whatever’s warm right now—think again. Everything you get are hundreds of supplier listings—most that are no longer valid—and no actual quality contacts.

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